Owner Testimonials

Karen from Stirling

Laura and John from Inverkip

Karen from Stirling

Karen & James own Pie, born 30th July 2017 from Jovi and Deny:

"After contacting Lisa to enquire about upcoming litters, I knew she was the breeder we'd like our next puppy, our 4th dalmatian, to come from - she is completely open and trustworthy and happy to answer any queries.  I met a couple of her dogs at a show and it was clear that, while being successful in the show ring, her dogs are first and foremost, much loved family members.  

Lisa kept in touch regularly and it was over a year from first contact to when Jovi's litter was born.  Somehow, even with 14 puppies and their nursing mum to look after, she maintained the regular updates after their birth - was lovely to see them grow up over their first few weeks.  We were honoured to be entrusted with one of only 2 girls in the litter.  Pie has fitted in beautifully with our existing 2 year old dalmatian. She's an absolute sweetheart, bright, funny and has been an easy puppy.  She loves her training classes and, once she's old enough, will hopefully be a happy, enthusiastic, agility girl.

Lisa keeps in touch and continues to be quick to answer any queries... and it's great to hear about the other Dalamanti dogs in the Facebook group she set up for us.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a dalmatian pup. And she will definitely be where we'll go, if looking for a future pup for ourselves."

Helen from Hartlepool

Helen owns Caspar, born July 2012 from Malibu and Diesel, also Rufus born July 2013 from Chelsea and Diesel:

“I cannot quite put into words how thrilled I am with Caspar’s arrival into my family and cannot imagine life without him.  My son was very timid with dogs as a youngster and to see them together like ‘me and my shadow’ is such a joy.  Caspar is very well behaved around small children and loves to play.  He loves the attention that he receives from children when out on a walk and is more than happy to oblige a hug!  To any new puppy owner, I would say that it has always been very reassuring for me to know that Lisa is still on hand to offer advice.  I would love to add another new member to the family in the future and would have no hesitation in contacting Lisa again.”

Marlene and Peter from Manchester 

Marlene and Peter own Dino, born Aug 2011 from Chelsea and Desmond: 

"We chose Lisa Barrett @ Dalamanti Dalmations to buy our puppy because we were very impressed with her breeding ethics, the excellent pedigree of her dalmations and her passion and commitment she shows to her dogs and every aspect of her business from our initial contact as a prospective buyer to the advice and aftercare provided when we took our puppy home. Our beautiful boy Dino is now nearly 2 years old and is a healthy, loving family pet and we are well pleased with our choice."

Lauran from York

Laura and John from Inverkip

Karen from Stirling

Lauran owns Blake, born July 2012 from Malibu and Diesel:

"One of the best decisions I ever made was going to Dalamanti Dalmatians to get my boy, Blake. I have always wanted a Dalmatian and, when I decided to finally get one, I stumbled onto Lisa’s website. I immediately liked the photos of Diesel, Chelsea and Malibu and I contacted Lisa when I found out she had a litter planned for later on in the year.

I went to meet Lisa and the dogs, and I fell head over heels for Diesel. That’s when I made the decision I wanted a boy! Lisa kept me informed all the way from the mating, through Malibu’s pregnancy and then the birth of the puppies. Lisa helped me choose my boy, I told her I wanted a show quality dog that was a bit cheeky, and that’s exactly what I got.

Lisa has been there all the way from the start and I am so grateful to her for her constant support and wealth of knowledge about the breed. It was clear from the beginning how much she loves her dogs and how much effort she puts in to breeding and raising a litter.

I couldn’t have wished for a better breeder and I couldn’t find another pup that makes my life as complete as Blake does.

Lauran x."

Richard and Lynn from Halifax

Richard and Lynn own Harvey, born July 2017 from Jovi and Deny.

”We lost our previous Dalmatian in May 2017 after a long fight with heart disease, In fact throughout his life, Simba had struggled with allergies and stones forming in his bladder. So it was with a heavy heart we started to look for a replacement for a much loved family member. We wanted another dally, but we were determined to try to find a breeder who cared about the breed, the dogs themselves and their health and temperament.

There are no guarantees in life when it comes to health, human or canine, but we did feel that some of the known health problems of the breed could be minimised by careful and considered breeding. By incredible luck Lisa’s Jovi had a litter of 14, 12 of  which were boys, and this exceeded her already long waiting list giving us the chance of a boy.

Harvey came to us in September and he is so cute, so beautiful. His temperament is laid back, happy and friendly, he has settled in so well. Lisa has taken time and effort to introduce her litter to everyday experiences and meeting people etc. Her love and care for her puppies continues on when they leave her, she has stayed in touch through her Facebook page and it has been a great experience watching Harvey’s siblings develop and grow, a fabulous idea. You only have to meet Lisa to see how much she cares about her dogs, their puppies and the wonderful Dalmatian breed.

Thanks again

Lynn, Richard and Harvey.”

Laura and John from Inverkip

Laura and John from Inverkip

Emma and Nigel from Swadlincote

Laura and John own Hera, born July 2012 from Malibu and Diesel: 

"I can't express how much happiness we now have because of Hera. She has the sweetest nature and is the centre of attention in our family home. I'd like to commend Lisa for all her support, from our initial enquiry till now. Not only has she been there every step of the way, we have also gained a friend"

Alan and Carol from Edinburgh 

Alan and Carol own Bo, born Aug 2011 from Chelsea and Desmond: 

"We got our dog Bo from Lisa (Dalamanti Dalmations) in 2011. Lisa was a wealth of information from the beginning. Bo is a lovely dog and it was evident that she was well trained and socialised when we brought her home as she was great with our 2 young daughters and cat. Lisa has helped us since that with any questions we have had and also shown us the ropes in the show ring. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lisa and her wonderful dogs."

Emma and Nigel from Swadlincote

Claire and Jason from Chester (just relocated to Canada)

Emma and Nigel from Swadlincote

Emma and Nigel own Riley from May 2010 litter from Chelsea and Polo, and Bella from August 2011 litter from Chelsea and Desmond:          

 "Riley - Nigel and I decided it was time we were ready for a puppy and decided a Dalmatian would be the breed for us. We came across Lisa’s website and instantly fell for the late Polo. He was a stunning boy and I knew then I wanted to contact Lisa in the hope we would be lucky enough to have a lovely boy just like Polo.  Much to our delight we have our very own stunning boy.

Bella - Bella came along when we decided we wanted a playmate for Riley and I also wanted a stunning girl to show alongside him.  I had always admired Chelsea from the very beginning and was delighted when Lisa told me there was a mini Chels but the black version I knew I had to have her.  Bella is simply beautiful.

Lisa has been a brilliant breeder from the very beginning and truly loves her dogs and all their off springs, her advice and help over the years is priceless, what started out as an enquiry has now turned into a friendship that we hope will last a lifetime………..

Both Riley and Bella bring so much joy we can’t imagine life without either.

Emma & Nigel"

Lorraine from Hatfield

Lorraine owns Topaz, born Aug 2012 from Chelsea and Desmond: 

"Sadly I lost my first Dalmatian Lady in April 2009,I said I could never replace her.

In November 2010 I found myself looking for a Dalmatian breeder I found Lisa's web site, which to my delight she would be expecting a litter of puppies the next year, also to my delight I could see from the pedigree that the puppies would be related to my late girl Lady.

The puppies were born on 21 August 2011 the day after My Husbands Birthday and our anniversary!on the 16Th of October we travelled from Hertfordshire to collect the most beautiful little girl who we named Topaz.

Topaz is the most affectionate girl she is so kind and gentle with little people she is a real tribute to Lisa's breeding and the way these puppies were  brought up  in the first few weeks."

Claire and Jason from Chester (just relocated to Canada)

Claire and Jason from Chester (just relocated to Canada)

Claire and Jason from Chester (just relocated to Canada)

Claire and Jason own Dexter, born Aug 2011 from Chelsea and Desmond: 

"Our journey to owning our very own Dalmatian started with lots of research. Whether in a book or on the Internet, all sources agreed that a great breeder was of paramount importance.

It didn't take us long to find Lisa and Dalamanti. The website said it all - here was a breeder who loved Dalmatians and who approached breeding with the responsibility it deserves.

We contacted Lisa before the litter had even been conceived. We explained a little about our family, where we lived and why we wanted a Dalmatian of our own. Lisa replied immediately and told us more about the proposed litter and answered our questions.

Lisa kept in regular contact, providing updates on the progress of the pregnancy and then on the birth. We were on holiday in Spain when Dexter was born, and as exhausted and busy as she was, Lisa still found the time to reply to our emails.

Dexter was an absolute treasure as a pup. We picked him up at 8 weeks old and he was already virtually toilet trained, and he fit right in with our two Westies.

He has a great temperament and we have thoroughly enjoyed training him - he loves to learn new things!  He's also a favourite character of many of the other dog walkers we encounter daily. This is all testament to his good parentage and very early socialisation by Lisa.

Lisa has kept in close contact since Dexter came to live with us, and has been a great source of help and advice when needed. We certainly wouldn't hesitate to have another puppy from Dalamanti in the future, and we can't thank Lisa enough for our wonderful Dexter."

Chris & Maureen from Penicuik

Chris and Maureen own Harvey & Oscar: 

"After much deliberation and research Maureen and I decided we wanted to  add a Dalmatian to our family. I came across Lisa’s website and saw that her 2010 litter had arrived, I loved the website and contacted Lisa to enquire about a pup, unfortunately they were all gone. However Lisa kindly passed us on to her mother Jane who had a litter and to cut a long storey short we got Harvey who shared the Dalamanti bloodline. Harvey is a fabulous, beautiful dog and has a great temperament a true testament to the breeding."

A couple of years later I contacted Lisa and was fortunate to get Oscar from her 2012 litter, again Oscar is a lovely rascal and has great temperament and is a beautiful dog and Lisa has been there for advice and help if required and if I could ever talk Maureen into adding to our Dally pack I certainly would not hesitate going to Lisa. You can tell Lisa really loves her Dalmatians and cares about all the puppies and their breeding and ensures they all go to good homes, the mark of a quality breeder.

Edith from Gosforth

Claire and Jason from Chester (just relocated to Canada)

Claire and Jason from Chester (just relocated to Canada)

Edith owns Lola, born July 2012 from Malibu and Diesel: 

"After losing a much loved  Dalmatian I contacted 2 Breeders via specific web-sites and asked for some advice on bringing a new puppy into my home as I did not want to risk buying a 'rogue puppy'.

Because of the beautiful loving and loyal nature of my previous Dalmatian I did not feel I could just bring any Dalmatian home hence my e-mail to Breeders involved in the Accredited Breeders scheme.

Only one person replied to my enquiries and that was Lisa, whom I will be forever grateful to, firstly for taking the time to respond and then for allowing my family to have the honour/pleasure of owning one of her stunning girls from Diesel's and Malibu's July 2012 litter.

We kept in touch from initial contact (March 2012) and when Malibu was late in to season it seemed like it was just meant to be that I had one of Lisa's puppies.

My first view of them was in August 2012 and I could have brought the full litter home with me as they were all beautiful as are Diesel, Malibu and Chelsea.

Luckily I had a family member with me and we chose Lola from the 5 girls that had been born.

From someone who asked for a lightly spotted bitch I ended up with the second spottiest but we just could not resist her.

Lola arrived at our family home when just 8 weeks old and settled  immediately.

Typical Dally puppy running around and into everything  but over the past 4 months has begun to  totally chill and for most of the time is a very relaxed and laid back Dalmatian.

Sure she thinks she is human and not a dog though from way she sits.

Toilet training was easy as Lola.went to the door from arriving home.

She is stunning and often receives comments on her build/markings etc.

My Nephew has nicknamed her 'The Showgirl' and Lola likes nothing better than to strike up a pose for the camera.

Can be tearing around one minute then hear her name and poses automatically for her photo to be taken.

A little wary of children when they run towards her she is more than happy to take treats if offered.

Loves a cuddle and enjoys playing catch with various balls or objects, likes to lick feet, hands and stand on her hind legs for a hug.

Quite happy to ignore all other dogs she meets although she has some doggy friends who is very eager to meet on the local fields - very sociable.

Temperament/nature you will see from all of the above is excellent and this is obviously because her mum and dad are very similar natured.

Lisa's devotion to her 'family; is second to none and she is more than willing to give advice where needed.

A puppy hand manual  with information on feeding, vets, pedigree, microchip, hearing test and puppy pack (food) is supplied on the day you arrive to take him/her home with you.

Found this to be most helpful and no other dog I have owned has came with as much information or accessories.

Would not hesitate to recommend Lisa both as a Breeder and as someone who is devoted to placing her girls or boys into the best possible homes for all concerned, and then after selling the puppies continuing to maintain contact with people whom take the puppies home with them.

Lisa still provides me with advice and e-mails regularly for updates - that is total dedication.

Personally I would love another Dalmatian at some point and my first port of call would be to Lisa."