Leicester City Canine Society


27th August 2018

My thanks to Leicester City Canine Society for the very well run friendly show and to my stewards for helping everything run smoothly. I was very pleased with the quality of the dogs, all were shown in clean condition.

Puppy. (2,0)1. Sims  Mullaboy Magic Man For Snowspeeder. B&W dog, 9 ½ months old. Quality baby who caught my eye straight away. He has everything in the right places at this young age and is of an ideal size.  Very excitable boy, balanced and moderate angles front and rear, moved well holding his topline and tracking correctly. He has a cheeky expression, with his dark eye framed by well set on ears. Catlike feet and decent bone. Lots to like about him and I will watch his career with great interest. Delighted to see the group judge agreed and gave him Utility Puppy Group 1 as well. 

2. Alcock Kayjule Kepler At Dalspartan. 6 month old B&W dog, raw baby nicely put together and of ideal size, really liked his head, kind expression with dark eye. Catlike feet, level topline, which he held well on the move. He has a very good temperament. He moved out well and was nicely balanced but just a little less together at this stage than the winner. 

Junior. (2,0) Repeat of puppy class. 

Post Graduate. (6, 2). Tough class as any could’ve had a 1st on a different day. 

1. Norgrove Sassydals Slingsby Firefly. Almost 3 yrs B&W bitch. I last judged this girl as a yearling and she has matured beautifully since then. Gorgeous head and appealing expression using her ears well to frame her face. She has a long elegant neck leading to level topline, which she held well on the move. Excellent front, deep chest and well sprung ribs. She has plenty of bone but still retains her elegance. Moderate angles front and rear and well let down hocks. She comes into her own on the move where she is just effortless and could clearly go all day. BOB. 

2. Baker Lancelot Des Landes D’Irose (IMP FRA). 3 yr old B&W dog. Appealing spotty face with masculine head, attractive kind expression and the darkest of eyes. He has plenty of bone with strong front, deep chest and good shoulder, moderate angulation and is well muscled with a well developed second thigh. He moved well with drive considering the limited space of the ring. He would need a larger ring to appreciate his movement more. 

Open.(3, 2). Gibbs  Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW. 2 ½ year old B&W dog. Stood alone in the class but a worthy winner. All male dog, stylish, with an attractive masculine head with well framed ears, strong front with deep chest and well sprung ribs. The darkest of eyes and most appealing expression. Well angled front and rear which is demonstrated when he is on the move with excellent reach and drive holding his topline well. He’s another who would’ve benefitted from a bigger ring today. He just lost his topline on the stand in the challenge for best of breed. RBOB.

Redditch & District Canine Society


20th May 2017

Thank you to the show society for inviting me to judge this show, and to my very capable steward for keeping me in check. I was very pleased with the exhibits who were shown in great firm condition and all had good temperaments. 

Y.(2, 1)  1. Norgrove  Sassydals Slingsby Firefly.  20 month old B&W bitch.  Nice size girl with enough substance without losing femininity. Gorgeous head with a lovely expression and dark eye with well broken ears. Good catlike feet, nice angles front and rear, level topline held well on the move. She moved out with confidence and purpose.

PG.(4, 2) 1.  Brennan  Daymadals In The Mood JW.  2 ½ year old bitch B&W.  Built on a larger frame but very well balanced and looked good from all angles. She has the most beautiful head and soft, kind expression with the darkest of eyes, lovely long neck down to a firm and level topline. She has an excellent front and very good feet. Very well muscled. She came into her own on the move with excellent reach and drive and could clearly go all day.  She demanded my attention and she got it, really a lovely girl. BOB. Delighted to hear she later took Utility Group One.  2.  Ellarby Daedalus Alfie Boe.  3 year old B&W male. Very striking boy with the loveliest masculine head with well broken ears and a nice dark eye. He is an ideal sized dog who has very good bone, good angulation and a nice level topline. He is another who was nicely muscled and could certainly do the job he was bred for. Just lost out to 1 on movement, but both lovely dogs. RBOB. 

O.(5, 4) 1.  Alcock  Creaganbrec Face Of Beau At Dalspartan ShCM.  7 year old L&W male. Nice liver boy with kind amber eye and he is of good size. He has good catlike feet and nice topline and tailset. He’s well balanced with moderate angles. In nice condition for his age but just didn’t quite have the drive of the youngsters. 

Darlington Dog Show Society


4th February 2017

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this well run show, and to the exhibitors for entering their dogs under me. I was very pleased with the quality of the dogs.

J.(4, 0)  1. Dodds & Pearson  Dalcarla Gladys Knight.  Feminine B&W bitch 15 months old, lovely expression with nice dark eyes and well broken ears. She is a nice size with good feet and a level topline, which she held well on the move. Very attentive to her handler.  2. Lamb  Dalpetro Diamond.

PG.(2, 1)  1.  Mather  Shulune Dragon Ryder. Pretty B&W bitch with lovely kind expression and dark eyes. Lovely free flowing movement and very calmly handled. She has good feet and nice angles. Would prefer a little more femininity but she is a nice balanced bitch. 

O.(7,  2) 1.  Dodds & Pearson  IR CH CH Kelevra Classic Cliché. Lovely size B&W bitch. Beautiful head with expressive dark eyes and shown in superb firm condition. She has excellent feet and good front and rear angulation. She showed and moved beautifully around the ring holding her topline and she could clearly go all day. I could not deny her the class and BOB. Delighted to see that she later won Utility Group 1 and BIS.  2. Dodds & Pearson  Kelevra What The Dickens.

Ashington & District Canine Society


2nd July 2016

Graduate. 1st Noble’s Shulune Celtic Snapdragon. Pretty feminine liver bitch. Nice head and expression with lovely amber eye. Good feet and moderate angulations front and rear. She has good muscle and is well balanced. She moved OK considering the slippery floor of this venue. She won the class on maturity and was slightly more settled on the move than the puppy. BOB.

2nd Marley & Libbey’s Bellili’s D’Amore De Loin. Black & white male with good pigment and nice bold markings. Liked his head and expression finished with lovely dark eyes and uses his ears to advantage. Very outgoing dog and eager to please his handler. He has good reach but was just playing his hander up on the move a bit today. BP. Happy to see he was more settled in the puppy group and took group 3.

Pudsey & District Canine Society


12th June 2016

Special Yearling. 5 entered, abs 2. 1st.Bellili’s D’Amore De Loin.  9 months b&w male. Masculine head, well set ears, nice dark eye. Lovely dark pigment. He has well set tail and good feet. He held his topline well on the move with good reach and drive. Slightly larger than I would prefer but he is balanced and very much fit for function. Really happy boy enjoying his day out and very well handled. BP & RBOB. Pleased to see him take Puppy Group 3. 

2nd. Cragvallie Vinnie’s Chance. 19 month old b&w male. Longer coupled than 1 but nice type and good bone. Good male head with kind expression, could make better use of his ears. Lovely dark eye, and moved okay once settled, just needs a bit more time to mature. 

Post Graduate. 2 entered, 1 abs. 1st.Caldecacre Sigrid. 3 ½ year old liver bitch. Really nice sized girl who was feminine but with enough substance. Lovely rich liver colour with nice amber eye and kind expression. Good tailset and topline held well on the move. Well muscled and moved with excellent reach and drive and could clearly go all day. Just needs a little more schooling but a really lovely bitch who was very happy and outgoing. BOB. Pleased to see her take Utility Group 3.