About Us and Our Dalmatians


Dalmatian Breeder, Owner & Exhibitor Since 2000 | Dalamanti Est. 2008

I have bred and shown Dalmatians for 16 years. I never registered a Kennel Name before so Dalamanti is fairly new. In case you who haven't already figured it out, Dalamanti is an anagram of Dalmatian. Before getting a dog, I looked for lots of Dalmatian information to make sure they were the breed for me. I looked at plenty of Dalmatian pups before finding the right dog for us. 

Finally at the age of 16 years, my parents gave in and let me have my first dog, Polo, and then the the fun started. I was so proud to have my own Dalmatian at last that I wanted to show him off. I took him to Devon County Show, where he won his class and got Best of Breed. When I entered him in his first Championship show he came 3rd out of 15, qualifying for Crufts. That's when I started to get really addicted to showing.


Breed Club Member since 2008

I am a member of the British Dalmatian Club, Dalmatian Club of Scotland and the North of England Dalmatian Club. 

  As per Club rules, my dogs are BAER hearing tested normal, and any of my puppies will have hearing tests and will be Kennel Club registered before being sold.


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For questions, please feel free to email me lisa@dalamanti.co.uk